A Funky Potato, A Wily Monkey and a New Marshal in Town

Working, working, working, cooking, writing, revising, teaching, blah, blah, blah! Life. Yup!


In the midst of all this life, I find things that make me smile…

Mermaid Potato

Like this. It's a potato we grew on the side of the house, but I think it looks like a mermaid. I'm going to eat it tonight.


And this! I might keep it forever because I giggle every time I look at it.

Lizard Monkey Rodeo

Monkey: I'm gonna get down on you, lizard. Lizard: Ooooh, yeah...


This too:


There's a new Marshal in town. And it's this guy. On this horse. On my porch. Watch out!


And I smile every night when I come home to this:




Have a wonderful week before Halloween! Be wicked. Be happy. And keep your eyes open for things to make you smile. XOXO!

One Sizzling Summer

Happy Monday, Everybody!

AsianCocoa won my giveaway! I’ll e-mail her soon and shortly after that I’ll head for the post office and pop her Skyrocket into the mail. She won a digital copy of Soloplay, a $5.50 gift card to Samhain Publishing, a Loveswept digital e-book of her choice and my Romance Trading Cards. Yay for her! Thanks to everyone who participated in the blog hop and also thanks to Bells, JoJo, Tigris and Danielle for getting us all together. I had a great time reading comments and discovering new summer treats!

Sizzling Summer Reads Party

Register to Play!

If you are a member of The Romance Reviews (or want to be) I would love to chat with you today in The Lounge in the erotic section. I’ve never had a chat there, but I plan to have fun. I’ll post excerpts and recipes and generally talk about my books. You’ll have to register if you want to chat at the site, but it looks like a good one. If you like hot books (and I hope you do!) The Romance Reviews is the place for you! I couldn’t resist… just couldn’t resist.

I’m about to head over to check in at TRR but at the moment I’m sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of excellent coffee. My in-laws mail-order fabuloso coffee beans. Whatever doesn’t fit in their special coffee bean container they give to us. You know what that makes them? Nice. Super nice. They could order less coffee, but they know how much we love it, so they share. Nice!

From the kitchen window, I can see towels drying on the patio chairs, my husband’s garden and his squash patch and the huge play structure he and I built a few years ago. The kids are asleep. I love this time of day, and it’s not because the kids are sleeping. (Although, oh crap, I just heard feet hit the floor upstairs.) I love mornings before anyone else is up because I am focused. I can make a list and feel like I will get everything done. No one has argued with me yet. I’m not tired. I haven’t gotten lost in a sea of e-mail. I haven’t been interrupted yet. I haven’t lost my place.

I think I’ll get up earlier, get more done right out of the gate and see how that feels. Feel free to chime in with your favorite way to stay focused during summertime either here or in the TRR LOUNGE today! Off I go! Have a great week – XOXO!


Addicted To Harmless Blog Party

Happy Monday, everyone!

You know what? I know I should be cutthroat, or at least thrifty, but I think everyone who wanted my Romance Trading Cards enough to say so last week should have them! Shoot me an e-mail (Miranda at mirandabaker dot com) with your address and I will mail them to you. Because I want you to be happy too. 😀

Do you want to party with Melissa Schroeder and me this week? Meet us here:


Melissa really knows how to throw a party. There are more giveaways on that blog this week than I can wrap my head around. My party contribution is a Gift Card to Samhain, but as far as I can tell, she’s giving away e-readers, people. I feel cheap! However, she is an internationally bestselling author who has published fifteen times as many books as I have…

Can I tell you a secret? My alter ego finished her book last night. That means two things: Now I can finish Crystal’s story and the other super-secret story that has been setting my head on fire AND I’m ready to party. Hope to see you at the Addicted to Harmless Party! XOXOXOX!