A Funky Potato, A Wily Monkey and a New Marshal in Town

Working, working, working, cooking, writing, revising, teaching, blah, blah, blah! Life. Yup!


In the midst of all this life, I find things that make me smile…

Mermaid Potato

Like this. It's a potato we grew on the side of the house, but I think it looks like a mermaid. I'm going to eat it tonight.


And this! I might keep it forever because I giggle every time I look at it.

Lizard Monkey Rodeo

Monkey: I'm gonna get down on you, lizard. Lizard: Ooooh, yeah...


This too:


There's a new Marshal in town. And it's this guy. On this horse. On my porch. Watch out!


And I smile every night when I come home to this:




Have a wonderful week before Halloween! Be wicked. Be happy. And keep your eyes open for things to make you smile. XOXO!