Birthday Bash

Girl Trouble Birthday Bash!

GirlTrouble300At last! At last! It’s release day for GIRL TROUBLE, and Bonita gets her happy ending! I’m thrilled for her, thrilled for her girlfriend Kat, and just thrilled in general because even if it snows from here until eternity, it’s going to be April soon. And my birthday is in April. And I love my birthday!

Actually, we refer to it as my birthMONTH around here. I use it as an excuse to do fun things like go out to lunch, buy ridiculously expensive shampoo, eat Oreo Blizzards, binge-read books I’ve been saving, kiss anyone who gets too close, and do too much yoga. You know, the usual stuff, but funner! Do you like your birthday? I’m turning 42, and even though the bod is doing the aging thing, I couldn’t be happier. Why? Here are some good reasons: somebody posted this NY Times piece on FB and it resonated hard with me. Plus my twelve-year-old told me I was cool the other day. I bet she’ll change her mind when she’s thirteen, but, hey…I’m cool now. And there will be daffodils soon. And I’ll be able to run outside. (I’m using that as an excuse not to run on a treadmill.) Yes, April is the coolest month. (Prufrock be damned. I sing my love songs in April.) Sing with me!

Tell me something good. A book you loved. A birthday you had. Your favorite cake. Your favorite anything. Let’s focus on all things good together!

All commenters will earn an entry in my GIRL TROUBLE birthday giveaway. Prizes will involve leather, shiny things, books, and gift cards. Winners will be picked on my birthday, April 8th. Giveaway is International. You must be 18 to enter. Incorrect or incomplete entry voids entry. Winner will be chosen by a random method and will be contacted within 2 days after the contest ends. Winner has two days to claim prize. Entry constitutes agreement to the rules and confirms age.

GirlTrouble300Get your GIRL on…

There are no safe words for love.
Come Again, Book 4
Bonita Pritchard has tried everything to get over the one woman she can’t have, movie star and secret lover Kat St. James. Yoga, tantra, psychotherapy, even BDSM. Nothing has helped for long.

Hanging on the thinnest thread of denied desire, Bonita heads for Hollywood to get her Kat fix, fully intending to return straight home to her sex-toy boutique, Come Again. Until she sees the surprise Kat has in store for her.

Playing the talented bad girl kick-started Kat’s career twelve years ago. Now she’s famous, filthy rich…and totally miserable. Leaving Bonita in Norton was a mistake, and she’s planning one last attempt to fix it—by transforming her king-sized closet into a dungeon. And using her training as a Domme to satisfy her lover’s latest kink.

Soon, their white-hot need for each other transcends their desire to protect Kat’s heterosexual screen-siren image. But when compromising pictures surface, Kat realizes there’s only one way to beat the tabloid gossip that’s tearing them apart. Fight fire with fire…

Warning: This book contains kink in the closet, sexy games in an SUV, and D/s in the middle of the living room. And love strong enough to break all bonds.