Anti-Resolutionary Invocation for 2013

Happy New Year!

And Congratulations to Melanie J, who won the SILKEN CANVAS giveaway! Melanie, you’ll be hearing from me soon!

As for 2013 – I don’t know about you guys, but I’m an anti-resolutionary. I don’t make New Years resolutions because, damn it, I’m doing the best I can. Every minute. To the point of obsession. In fact, if I were going to make a resolution, it would have to be something along the lines of ease up, life is in the living. I don’t need a resolution to crack the whip over my head; I need the opposite. I need the ability to feel like I’m doing a good job already. I am a writer, a teacher and a mother. There is never a moment when I don’t strive to write better, teach better, mother better. And it doesn’t matter what career path I choose, it would be the same. In an RWA conference chat, Nora Roberts said something along the lines of, “Being a writer doesn’t create neuroses. Neurotics become writers.” Perhaps that is why this Ze Frank An Invocation For Beginnings resonates with me. I’m not the only one struggling. Are you one of us, too?

I learn the same lesson every year, every day, every five minutes: Life is in the living. Enjoy the journey. Be peaceful in each moment. I will fail, as I always do, and I will forgive myself. And continue. My challenge is not to seek joy, but to know I have it within. Or if I don’t, create it. Join me on the bright side! Let’s create joy, balance, strength and grace. Let us see the best in ourselves and others, do good work because we love it, and recognize life isn’t a sprint. It can’t be. Because when you reach the finish line…eeeeeeeeeeek! 🙂

Let’s just keep chugging along, shall we? Onward! Happy 2013! Thank you for sharing your journey with me.