Power Trip Excerpt

Power TripReality returned. Now it was time to go home and cancel all her credit cards since that creep had gotten her purse. Screw work. The mice could live without their nightly treat.

“Goodnight,” she muttered and began walking down the street.

She felt him following her.

“Go away,” she said over her shoulder.

“No way, I want to make sure you make it safely to your car.”

She kept walking. “Because you did such a stellar job of that earlier? No thanks. I was fine, you know. You shouldn’t have interfered.”

“Yeah, you really looked like you were about to kick his butt.”

“Actually, I was about to break his nose. The gun complicated things, but he didn’t pull that until you came along,” she grumbled.

“That wasn’t a gun.”

She stopped walking. “What do you mean? He blew your arm apart.” And that sparkly woman had fixed it. Somehow. Sweat prickled her armpits. Now that the emergency was over, the weirdness was setting in. It wasn’t impossible that she could be in a bit of shock herself. She glanced back down the street to the club. Maybe she should go back to Jake.

Matrix man glanced over her shoulder. “Isn’t that your purse?”

She whirled. Her bag was on the steps of an apartment building, contents scattered. She grabbed her billfold and opened it to see if her credit cards were there. They were. Gratitude for the near miss sent tears to her eyes. She kept everything in her purse—money, credit cards, cell phone, iPod, Kindle—and having it disappear because some asshole wanted a bottle of cheap whiskey or a crack fix had upset her more than she wanted to admit. Her cash was gone, but losing a hundred bucks was getting off easy. She felt a wide grin split her face. She looked up at him. He was staring at her closely, blue eyes roving over her face.


“You have a beautiful smile.”

She glanced back down at her purse, embarrassment overwhelming her glee. “Um, thanks.” She shook her head, dismissing the compliment. Guys like him did not go all googly-eyed over girls like her. Well, not unless they were into smart chicks obsessed with mice alleles.

His large gloved hand broke her field of vision. “Allow me to introduce myself. Calvin Davis, master electrician, physics professor and sexual Dominant.”

His smile challenged her to respond in kind. She was completely out of her league with this man, but she wouldn’t lie to herself. He had fascinated her from the moment she saw him. She felt her heart beating faster than normal. Her pulse throbbed in her wrists, throat and groin. For God’s sake, her body was coming alive, blood rushing to places it hadn’t been for far too long. Out of her element? Undeniably.

Up for the challenge? Absolutely.

She took his hand. The leather was soft and supple. She didn’t know how to retreat, nor did she want to, so she laid down a challenge of her own. “Audrey Fallon, geneticist, Tae Kwon Do black belt and utterly vanilla.”


Cal didn’t believe her for a minute about the vanilla part. Even if her clear response to him hadn’t clued him in, Truman had picked her out of the line-up in the Lair. He didn’t know how his buddy did it, but he was never wrong.

It wasn’t only Tru’s assurance that made him certain she would be receptive to a little negotiation. It was the lack of fear in her eyes and the fact that she was talented too. This one wouldn’t be afraid to experiment. She was strong, maybe strong enough to bend, strong enough to break.

A sharp blue flash exploded from his left palm.

“Sorry.” He winced. “Forgot to put my other glove back on.”

Her eyes widened. It only took a couple seconds for her to put it together. “Electrician?” she asked.

“Always better to have talent for your life’s work. But it’s not the only way I like to use my skills.” She shuddered—not the response he had been hoping for, but at least it was a place to start. He had never scened with anyone who knew his secret. Electrical play was edgy enough, even without a supernatural element. Why hadn’t she been harmed when she touched his skin?

“Can I touch your arm?” he asked.

Slowly, she nodded. “You may.”

The regal way she granted him permission turned him on, almost too much. It was difficult to keep his charge beneath the surface of his skin, and he didn’t want to go off again like a short-circuited teenager.

He focused his energy inward, grounding himself to the earth. He raised one finger, allowing only the faintest current to run down his arm, his hand, through the fingertip he stroked lightly from her shoulder to the back of her hand.

She closed her eyes. He watched her breasts rise and fall. Her mouth fell softly open. Energy coursed between them, filling him with a heady sense of power. As the blue light flared, he tamped it down, kept it focused just on the tip of his finger as he leaned down to whisper into her ear, “This is the least of what I can do.”

He interrupted the current so that instead of caressing her in a steady stream, it pulsed. Her eyes flew wide. “A human vibrator?”

He nodded, accepting her teasing. Humor was an excellent way for her to process what was happening. “At the low end of the spectrum. A human whip, or a stun gun at the other end.” She had to know what she might be getting into.

“So how come you ended up with a broken arm if you can zap at will?”

“You got between us. I didn’t want to fry you.”

“I appreciate that,” she said wryly.

But would she appreciate more? He needed to get rid of some electricity, and although he could dump it into Davis Electric, he’d rather experiment with her. “My arm is fine now. You got your purse back. Since the Doc took my keys, I have no way to get home. I would love to get to know you better.” Screw it, why not? “Actually, I would love for you to drive me home so I can talk you into letting me dominate you. If you like the way my charge feels on your arm, you’ll like how it feels other places. You might even love it.”

Her mouth fell open, then shut. “Um, I don’t have the vernacular for this.”

“I’ll explain everything. You just have to trust me.” He said it like it was the easiest thing in the world, but he knew it wasn’t.

“I don’t know you. I can’t… I shouldn’t even get in a car with you. I definitely shouldn’t agree to…oh, dear God. This is not what I do.”

“That’s why you set up a safe call.” Her brother probably wasn’t going to like this, but Cal was willing to risk it. “Call Jake. Tell him you are with me, that I’ve asked you to scene with me. Tell him you will text him every hour on the hour and let him know you are okay. I promise you will be better than okay. As soon as we get to my house, we’ll run through a list of things you are and are not willing to experience. You’ll have a safe word, a verbal way of communicating your comfort to me. I assure you I am a master at reading nonverbal cues too. I will not hurt you unless you allow me to. We will observe the niceties to the letter.”

She raised a dark eyebrow, a stark contrast to her pale hair. “Why can’t we run through that list now?”

“Because I don’t want you to leave me stranded on the street when I ask you if you will allow me to make you orgasm.”

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