Free Scene

(First posted on The Forbidden Bookshelf)

Matt, the hero’s best friend in my BDSM love story Bottoms Up lives at the edge of my brain, driving me crazy. I keep telling him I don’t have time to write his story yet, but he just won’t bugger off! Come to think of it – when I was writing Bottoms Up, the pushy bastard tried to take over the story. My genius editor had to point out that he was competing with the hero. She used the phrase “hero bait” and insisted I needed to tone him down. At that very moment, it occurred to me I should write Matt’s story. Duh! (My editor is smarter than I am. I love that. And I hate it… no, I just love it.)

So Matt is really going to get it. That roll of bondage tape he bought near the end of Bottoms Up? Not going to end up where he thinks it will! *evil laugh* As well as having the very fine qualities of not sticking to skin or hair, bondage tape makes an excellent gag. Before I shut him up, I’m going to give you an unedited, uncontracted peek at my plans for him.


Excerpt from Matt’s future sex life:

“Leaving so soon? You just got here.”

Matt paused, too polite to ignore the woman who had put her body in the way of his quick escape, but he kept his eyes on the door. “I’m not into watching my little brother get a blow job.”

“Ah.” He felt her attention shift to the scene taking place across the room. What the hell was Colin thinking? His brother had no business Upstairs.

She laughed softly. “I see the family resemblance now. You packing what he’s got?”

“Depends on what you mean.” He sighed, irritated, finally glancing down at her.

“An excellent non-answer,” she observed, holding her hand out to him. He shook it, automatically processing the strength of her grip and the directness of her gaze. Interest spiked inside him and he cursed it, even as he noticed the appeal of her reddish-brown hair in its messy bun, the sharp lines of her cheekbones, and the stubborn sweep of her jaw. Deliberately, he lowered his gaze to her full breasts, braless beneath the thin white tank she wore with low-slung jeans and bright red boots.

Under his blatant stare, she stood straighter, taller. “Do you like what you see?”

“I do.” He could be direct too.

“I’m glad. I like what I see – in fact I’d like to play with you tonight.”

He shook his head, pulling his hand away from the caress of her fingers. “You don’t exactly strike me as the submissive type.”

“That makes one of us.” Her slow smile struck him like a bucket of ice-cold water. He gasped, choking off the harsh sound in the middle, but it was too late.

Her laugh was full of delight. “Come on, big boy, don’t look so horrified.”

“I’m not a switch.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, sighing dramatically. “My kink instinct says otherwise.”

“Your kink instinct is wrong.”

“Never.” The challenge in her dark gaze made him want to crack out the bondage tape and make a few key adjustments in their power structure, to show her exactly how dominant he could be. His desire must have shown on his face because she held up a hand. “I get it – I do. I don’t expect it to be easy the first time, so let’s do it by the book. I’m sure Master Johnny has a negotiation checklist around here somewhere. Put whatever limits on our play that you desire – anything you need to feel in control. I’ll take it from there. You look like a guy who needs to relax a little, although I do love the power suit.”

She raised an eyebrow and at his nod, she took his hands in both of hers. Energy flowed between them and he saw need shine in her eyes, a look he was more accustomed to seeing in the eyes of submissive females.

He cocked his head to the side, wondering if his submission might buy hers sometime in the near future, but it wasn’t that erotic possibility making his heart race and his breathing difficult to control. “You make my head spin,” he admitted.

Her smile was a sly promise. “Just wait.”


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