Love Notes

The SoloPlay Screamer

Coming April 26th!


Subj: Still screaming, a week later

Dear Mr. Winters,
It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve been screaming in bed, screaming on the couch, screaming in the shower. Waterproof—brilliant! I’m never leaving my apartment again and work is not going to understand. Is there any chance for a raise? I’m going to get fired and it’s all SoloPlay’s fault.
P.S. What’s next, boss?

(Excerpt from SoloPlay, copyright 2011, Miranda Baker)

Corsets, feathers and bling: a kinky girl’s epiphany

I don’t know what happened first. The universe moves in mysterious ways, and spring does strange things to me. I think my husband came home with these:


and then I staggered out of the chiro after a great massage and looked into the window of the jewelry store next door. This caught my eye:Steampunkish

I wanted it, but I quit accessorizing in culinary school. You don’t want your fancy watch gathering bread dough or your earring falling unnoticed into an 80-quart bowl of cake batter. Then I had the children and watches scratch nursing babies. And who the hell gave a crap about wearing earrings, lol? But I bought the watch, two pair of earrings, a turquoise ring and three jeweled hairclips:


What the fuck?

I don’t accessorize! And I’m too old for bling!

AND THEN I watched a burlesque school documentary the other night called “A Wink and a Smile.” The narrator was smart as hell and looked like Katy Perry. (I was going to watch Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera but my husband took way too long snuggling our son – can’t blame him – so I hooked up something free on NetFlix.) I was transfixed. I loved the jiggle and the tease but more than that I loved the students’ searching, their vulnerability and their epiphanies.

When one of them said (something along the lines of) I feel my image of myself limits what I can do, I thought –  holy shit! Me too! I fell in love with the Lady-like Pervert because the first blog of hers I read was about body image. This is my sister, I thought. I am not alone.

I’m almost 40. When can I rock jeweled hair clips? Red fishnet stockings? Feathers? A corset? Some emotional honesty? Where is my sexy? It can’t all go into my writing. Where is the verisimilitude? The authenticity? When will I be brave enough to claim my own sexy?

Now, my people. It’s mine. I may drive a mini van (yep). I’m a geek. I even consider myself shy because I prefer books to people (often, umm, always, but I like you guys.) I have small boobs. I’ve had three kids and I won’t embarrass them in public. I’ll save the corsets and feathers and fishnets for more appropriate venues (like the Passionate Ink party at RWA this summer!) but by gods, I wore my jeweled hair clips all day yesterday.

And then I took my sexy  shopping:


Mine, all mine! The jewelry, the corset and feathers, and the epiphany too.

Of course, you can get your own… 😉 😀

Celebrate Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish I could share my chocolate raspberry ganache cake with you. Because I love you for reading my blog.

Since I can’t share my cake, I’m going to share something equally sweet – the reasons I adore my husband. I’ll take any excuse to celebrate the fact that I found my true love turtle dove and my marriage is bliss. Yup, it sickens many but it’s true, so in honor of the big V day, here’s a list of unique reasons I lovelovelove my man:

1. Yes, I know I’m shallow. He walked by me at the gym fifteen years ago, and I swear to God I nearly fell off my treadmill.

2. He loves playing with our children. They built a snow fort this winter.

3. He refers to my yes-I’ve-had-three-children body as “womanly.” Womanly!

4. When he wants to get my attention, he comes bearing gifts.

5. He buys me erotic romances by my favorite authors when he’s trying to get laid – clever, huh?

6. My book shelf is overflowing. Another reason I love him. 😉

7. He requires very little sleep.

8. He buys me these:

9. He buys them when he’s doing the grocery shopping.

10. Right before he makes dinner out of the stuff he buys at the store.

A prince, right? Don’t I know it! If you would like to know how he feels about being married to me, Selena Robins has been collecting quotes from husbands of romance writers for her Valentine’s Day blog – mine included. I can’t wait to read them myself! I think she’s going to publish her post this evening, so check ’em out if you want to see our dirty lingerie.

I’d love to hear about why you love your guy or gal, too. What drives you crazy (in a good way)? What makes your heart melt? What was it that told you s/he was the one? Please, I beg you… kiss and tell.