A Bad Boy Biker and a Red Hot Alien walk into a bar…

AmorousOvernight72lg_zpsa28a9e77Which one do you take home for the night? I’ve been pondering this question all weekend on the Smutketeers Blog. I’m also giving away ten copies e-copies of RIDING DESIRE: Alpha Bad Boy Biker Box Set and one e-copy of AMOROUS OVERNIGHT by Robin L. Rotham (Amazon and B&N only).RidingDesire_highres-682x1024 So this is not an idle question. Come visit me on the Smutketeers Blog and leave a comment, and you could be spending the night (or more, depending on how fast you read) with a bad boy biker or a red hot alien. Last night, I picked the biker (actually, an illegal street racer with a heart of gold and filthy desires), but I’m really looking forward to more Amorous Alien encounters…

Come get in on the fun! You don’t want to miss these HOT stories!



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