Top Student is FREE!

Hey there! TOP STUDENT is here! It’s a FREE prequel to GIRL TROUBLE, but it can definitely be read as a sexy standalone. I hope you’ll grab a copy today (and maybe even leave it a review on a retailer’s site after you finish it. I appreciate ALL reviews, good, bad, and lukewarm!) TopStudent300

When it comes to love, limits are negotiable.

A Come Again Story

Kat St. James is the Come-Hither Queen of the Silver Screen, irresistible to everyone—except the woman she secretly loves, childhood friend Bonita Pritchard. Kat’s come home for a visit, and discovers Bonita has left town to avoid her—for the third summer in a row.

Hurt and angry, Kat heads for Come Again, Bonita’s sex-toy boutique, for clues that will help heal the rift between them. There she encounters Destiny, who gives Kat the shock of her life. Bonita’s become a sexual submissive.

Destiny also offers Kat the opportunity a lifetime: the chance to learn the BDSM lifestyle from the experts. Only then will there be any chance to reconnect with the woman she loves.

Except becoming everything Bonita needs means giving up the one thing she’s fought her entire life to attain. Complete control. Top to bottom, it’s a challenge that will push her past her limits.

Warning: This book contains discipline demonstrations that range from hand to cane, a captivated voyeur, a Dominant struggling to learn submission, two very satisfied instructors, and enough kinky teacher/student roleplaying to make you want to go back to school.


It’s a quick and dirty read, and it has Destiny and Johnny from BOTTOMS UP in it. You want it? It’s yours! Thank you so much for visiting the world of Come Again! XOXO


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