Down And Dirty With Natasha Moore

All I want for Christmas is SILKEN CANVAS!

I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for months. It has all of my favorite things! BDSM, hot props, a sexy guy, a gorgeous girl…and conflict! Natasha Moore is one of my critique partners. In fact, I dedicated Hook Up to her, partly because it was the first book where she didn’t have to remind me the emotion is as important as the sexy sex, but mostly because she has been an inspiration to me for years. She leads by example (20 published works). She is consistent and kind. (Book after book, she gave me the same advice until I finally got it.) She is brilliant. (Among other things, she told me SoloPlay needed more sexy e-mails before my editor did.) She has a naughty mind. (Again, 20 published works!)

I loved the idea of SILKEN CANVAS from the moment Natasha started talking about writing it. I read it several times before it was sold…and I can’t wait to read it again to see what changed during the editorial process. I’ve always believed that the best gift is the one you want for yourself, so in the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to buy myself a copy of Silken Canvas AND give away a Samhain gift card. More on that later. First this…


He can work with her body…as long as he doesn’t touch her heart.

Brendan Cole burst onto the art scene in a blaze, creating erotic works of art from beautiful women. Recently, though, reviews suggest that his brilliance is burning out. He knows what’s missing—inspiration. He lost it the day his ex-lover and muse, Ashley Mancuso, walked out on him.

Together, they can once again create the erotic images that will silence the critics forever.

When Ashley runs into Brandon at an art gallery, their attraction is as hot as ever. Though she swore to never again take second place to his art, she finds herself agreeing to an impromptu photo shoot. Once in front of his lens, five long years of suppressing her kinky side melts away—and shakes her resolve to keep it strictly business.

One spellbinding session after another makes it impossible to resist talking of fantasies and long-buried desires. But once the images hit the gallery walls, all the fears and insecurities that drove them apart create a rift wide enough for danger to find its way in…

Product Warnings: Contains a sexy, tortured artist, his gorgeous muse, and a string of pearls that creates one very erotic BDSM fantasy.

Now let’s get Down and Dirty with Natasha before the commenting begins!

Miranda: So what’s with the pearls? 😉 What sparked that sexy gem of inspiration?

Natasha: Pearls may be classy, but I think they’re also sexy. Those cool little white beads roll so smoothly over the skin & the strands can be used for bondage or collaring too. Their versatility was what made me choose them as a prop in one of the modeling sessions in Silken Canvas. I was thrilled when the pearls appeared on the cover.

Miranda: Can I see your tattoo again? I think it’s awesome that you got a tattoo to celebrate your books – one heart for each book. Do you plan to keep adding hearts to the design?

Bringing sexy back!

Bringing sexy back!

Natasha: I’ll show you my tat any time! 🙂 I got the tattoo after my 15th sale. Since Silken Canvas was my 20th, I might have to add some more hearts one of these days.

Miranda: SILKEN CANVAS explores artistic representations of sexual fantasies.What’s the last thing that made you want to either grab your husband or grab your laptop and get busy? A particular book, movie or image?

Natasha: I’m a visual person and loved researching erotic art when I was writing this book. There were a lot of images that inspired me then, and continue to as I write new books. Bondage art in particular gets my juices flowing.

Miranda: Thanks so much for getting Down and Dirty with us, Natasha. And thank you for bringing SILKEN CANVAS to life and making Christmas, and the world, a little hotter! SILKEN CANVAS releases on December 25th, an excellent birthday. 😉 To learn more about Natasha Moore, visit her website, romance blog, or Twitter.

Natasha: Thanks for asking me to join you!

Since some of you won’t want to wait to see if you won this contest before you buy yourself SILKEN CANVAS for Christmas, I’ll give away a $5 Samhain gift card to one commenter. To enter the contest, leave a comment and tell us 2 things.

1. Your e-mail address. Please add extra spaces in order fool the ka-spammers.

2. Something good. Perhaps you got a great gift, have family visiting or something else wonderful happened to you lately. I love to hear about joy in the world! Please share yours! 🙂

Happy holidays, one and all! The contest will run until the ball drops. Winner will be announced on New Year’s Day when I post my Top 12 of 2012!


  1. I did spend the last few days with my sister & her kids, and her son (12) is coming to stay with me after Christmas. I hope you both have a great & safe holiday!

    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  2. My good news is that my debut released two days early! Woot! Unfortunately, I’ve been sick and haven’t promoted it like I should have. 😦

    maw1725 (at) gmail (dot) com

      1. Thanks Miranda. I’m still going through emails. UGH! Should be done with that at day’s end. 😦

        Whatever is going around in Texas is bad. I’ve coughed for over two weeks now. I would also like to breath soon.


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