Coming Soon!

My last two Bottoms Up reviews on Amazon:

“For a relatively short story, this sure did pack a punch. I was so bummed to only find one other title listed (which was also delicious). I WANT MORE!!!”

“This was amazing. Went above and beyond all my expectations. Before I got too far into it, I went and bought your other book for my Kindle App. You need to write some new books!!”

So true, so true! *giggle*

There are more stories coming, I promise. HOOK UP, Book 3 of the Come Again series, is slated for October. I’m really excited to release Crystal and Ryan’s story! For tidbits and teasers about my sensual psychic, look here and here! Crystal is near and dear to my heart – and the heart and soul of Come Again.

POWER TRIP, the first book of a new series is scheduled for January. It’s paranormal. It’s superheroic. It’s kinky as all get-out. It was originally titled, The Shocking Adventures of Super Dom. Think whips, chains and electricity – Oh my! I cannot wait for this book.

So hold tight, my people! More is coming! Coming Soon!


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