Happy-Making Things

Hey there! Yup, I totally ducked out there for a bit. Life gets a little crazy in the spring. I try my best not to join (or lead) the crazy but I’m not very good at resisting, crazy or otherwise. I’m dying to share excerpts and covers for Hook Up (Come Again Book Three) and Power Trip (superhero smut) but, alas, these things take time…

While we are waiting, let’s smell the daffodils.

I love the smell of good clean dirt.

And enjoy three seconds of mischief:

They do things. When I leave my children to their own devices – they do things. Don’t worry, Pogo was not harmed during this one-shot take!

One day, Pogo's prince will come.

Happy Spring, everyone! Keep your eyes open for daffodils, princes (or princesses…or, um, both!) and flying hamsters! XOXO!



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