Bring It, Cupid!

I know! Where's mine? Exactly.

Holy Cupid, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I know this because my in-laws stopped by with treats for the kiddies. You know, I used to get truffles from my father-in-law, not too may years ago – what happened to that? I got nuthin’! Do you think it’s because I’m writing all this hot stuff, and giving me chocolates of love makes him feel weird? Nah… I AM a little jealous of the kids boxes of chocolate, though.

Thank goodness the in-laws are on top of things. I just finished that superhero smut I may or may not have blogged about, and I am not ready for this little Hallmark holiday. What to do? What to do? Stock up on aphrodisiac foods? Buy a bottle of champagne? Use V Day as an excuse to whip out the red lingerie and put written words into action with my super husband? Yup-o-rama!

And perfect timing – the kitchen is painted!

No, we are not going to do it in the kitchen. We have a new couch, remember?

It’s not quite done:But the floor can wait. At least I know what my next project will be…

But I’m not going to start it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I shall celebrate the day of love as Cupid intended… naked, wearing only a cock ring. Kidding! I slipped into my youth for a second. Anybody remember Christian Slater in Pump Up The Volume? That was really hot when his girlie whipped her shirt off… anyway!

Give some love tomorrow, my people. That pervy little archer dude in the diaper requires it. Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO! Anybody have any special plans? This pervy writer enjoys hearing all about them. Go ahead, make me jealous!



  1. Thanks, June. It truly took two weeks to do it – and my father-in-law helped. He hung the new chandelier, too! I imagine my evening will end with a good book. Right now I’m reading Book Three in my friend Tiffany Riesz’s Original Sinners series (don’t look, none of them are out yet). But don’t worry, when these books are released, everyone in my world will know. LOVE. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. That is really awesome paint. I’m into that shade of yellow, too. Seriously. I wanted to put that in our entryway, but couldn’t convince my wife. She’s more of an off white kind of person, and I won out on the matte maroon in the living room.

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