A day late and a few hundred dollars short! My husband and I spent the long weekend in Las Vegas. He played 20 hours of poker and I walked the strip (not like THAT), ate myself silly and played a few slots. There was so much to see! Where else can you do New York, Paris and Venice in the same day?

There's no place like home - LOL!

I know you didn't expect me to resist a phallic symbol.

Ah, Romance! (and a 3 hour time change)

I’d upload more pics, but my husband took most of them with his new iphone…and he keeps sending me the same pic of his awesome breakfast hash over and over and over again! He’s a smart guy, so I’m assuming the phone is misbehaving. Instead of getting tweaked at him, I’m going to go over to the Nine Naughty Novelists site and tell stories about my Vegas trip today. I hope you pop over and comment to enter my giveaway: a “Bottoms Up Las Vegas” shot glass and a Lush Sex Bomb. I’d love to hear YOUR Vegas stories! Mwah!



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