Someone Has To Color In Between The Lines

But not my husband.

I’m working nights now, teaching pastry arts at a local community college. My husband is home with the kiddies, and sometimes they do arts and crafts. I can just see him, gathering the kids at the kitchen table, getting out the crayons, the Wikki-Stix, the Play-doh.

The kiddies sculpt things like this:

Play-doh chicken


After he put them to bed, my husband sculpted this:

Play-doh vagina


On Wikki-Stix night, I came home to this:Bookworm!

And this:

Wikki Woman

He called her "Bootsie."

And on drawing night, the kiddies made these:

Such talent!

Oh, how I loathe making school lunches.

And my husband drew this after he put them to bed:

It must be made clear that he doesn’t do these things when the kids are awake. Thank goodness! Because I color in between the lines, and I’d have to ask him to cease and desist with the naughty artwork. That would be a shame because I think he has talent…and I’m looking forward to carpentry night.



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