This Engine Can… And Did!

It’s always darkest before the dawn, the sun will come out tomorrow, just keep swimming – however you want to say it, I made my deadline. Of course, I forgot to include a subject heading when I sent the book to my editor, so it’s probably stuck in her spam filter but I DID IT! 😀

And I said no to Total Domination October – just couldn’t make the switch between being in control of Bondage Tapemy lil engine that could and depending on my husband to know when telling me to get on my knees would result in a Lorena Bobbit situation. However, we did celebrate in style.

Can I tell you a secret? As soon as I sent the book to my editor, I opened Crystal’s book, Book Three of the Come Again series, the book I was working on before my other editor told me I’d screwed the pooch on Book Two for her. I discovered something wonderful. I love Crystal’s book. It needs about 15K, maybe more, but I love it! Here’s a peek, unedited, uncontracted, blah, blah, blah:

“Ryan looked directly at her and his emotions blasted across the room, burning through her defenses. Desire. Resentment. Heat. Longing swept through her again, stealing her breath. His dark eyes absorbed the light in the room and reflected it back at her. Mahogany eyes, warm, like bittersweet chocolate. He was braced over her, waiting, holding her gaze with infinite tenderness. Her soul opened, enveloped him. Her consciousness spun out around them.

Crystal jerked back from the memory. Her feet felt rooted to the floor. Her heart pounded as Ryan and Alisa moved toward them.

Beside her, Mark chuckled. She turned to give him a cold glare.

“What?” he asked. “I figured turnabout was fair play. You introduced Alisa and me, after all.” His usually reserved blue eyes were full of fun.

Maybe he didn’t remember. Impossible. She reached out. Mischief. Memory. Satisfaction. It felt like a cosmic joke that Mark had finally remembered they’d gone to college together just in time to reintroduce her to the man who had ruined her life. Crystal was grateful for the anger that reminded her she was wasn’t vulnerable anymore.

Mark cocked his head to the side, looking down at her, eyes suddenly wary. “I thought you might enjoy a blast from the past.”

The irony made laughter bubble up in her throat, so she released it in a breathy chuckle. Laughter was excellent camouflage, better than leather, ink and the color black. She slid one arm around his waist and leaned up to whisper in his ear. “I’m positively thrilled, darling.” Mark didn’t know, no one did – and if she could hold it together through the wedding weekend from hell, no one ever would.”

It’s going to be splendid! Have a great week, one and all! Mwah!



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