Mercy! Uncle! Matte! I Give Up!

Just kidding, although I do feel like surrendering. I think four straight twelve-hour days at the computer should be enough, but I’m not done yet. So I’m going to have to keep working (although I have stopped to ponder the exact point at which the effort going into my project exceeded its probable payout – frequently). I used to get paid by the hour and the job I did was worth every cent I was getting paid for it. Now that I’m off the clock, I give it everything I have until it’s perfect and I hope this “any job worth doing is worth doing to the utmost of my ability at this moment” attitude doesn’t kill me.

My husband assures me that my project will never be done because as soon as it is, I’ll start another one, roll right into the next thing, one after another, no end in sight. As soon as I x, as soon as I y, as soon as I z, I’ll be done. At least until the alphabet starts all over again. Right. I love my work, but this current pace is a little bit nutty, and that’s why I’m whiiiiiiiiiiiiining…

He is a clever one, that husband. He suggested a nifty little way to lighten my load this month: turn my sexuality over to him. He wants me to let him make all of our sexual decisions this month. You know, one less thing for me to worry about. Am I having sex tonight? Hmm, not my problem. Total Domination October. I’m considering it. Because sometimes a girl just wants to give up…something.

Y’all get a free whine this week. Wave your white flag. Comment below and I’ll give you a verbal hug, pat on the back, smack on the fanny, whatever it seems like you need. Xoxoxox!




  1. I think everyone deserves a little whine time occasionally. Now if he really wanted to help, he would do the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, etc. Oh, and give you foot massages and back rubs!

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