In The Thick Of It

Happy Monday, people!

I’m finally working on Crystal’s story! This gives me great joy because Crystal inspired the entire come Again series. (I wrote about my encounter with a sexy shopgirl in a Toronto porn shop in Seek Inspiration.) My bisexual empath needs a story worthy of her. She’s strong but she hasn’t always been that way. Her defenses are thick and necessary. She loves women, but there’s a man in her past she can’t forget. I’m trying to finish her story by the end of September because it’s back-to-school time for me too. As soon as I get Crystal under wraps, I have to write a new syllabus, lesson plans, class outline, production schedules…. eeeeek!

Here’s a snippet:

He looked right at her and his emotions blasted across the room, burned through her defenses. Desire. Resentment. Heat. Longing swept through her again, stealing her breath. His dark eyes absorbed the light in the room and reflected it back at her. Mahogany eyes, warm, like bittersweet chocolate. He was braced over her, waiting, holding her gaze with infinite tenderness. Her soul opened, enveloped him. Her consciousness spun out around them…

I’m going to get back to it right now. Have a great week, y’all! Xoxox!




  1. Dearest Miranda,
    Crystal’s story!! Hot damn! Whoo Hoo! I cant wait for it to come out. I love your books and really look forward to anything else u write. I’m lucky I stumbled across your books thru’s recommended books. I’m a big fan of Denise Rossetti and up popped your Come Again books. Thank you for the time you give me out of the real world and take me off to the creative universe. I only wish you were one of my teachers this semester. Which school do u teach at? Maybe I’ll transfer there. Lol. Lots of love and here’s hoping Crystal gets her world rocked by the Ball. Lol. Favorite line in your books.

    Brie Lawson

    1. Brie! Thank you so much! You just made my day. My week! My month! In fact, I may just be able to finish Crystal’s story because of you. Thank you for reading! Xoxoxoxox! 😀 (Diving back into Come Again, where Crystal and Ryan are about to kiss for the first time in ten years…)

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