Summer In A Glass

I know it’s summer in WNY when…

My feet aren’t cold.

My fleecy is clean, folded and living in my drawer.

My kids are in and out of swimming pools so often  I forget to bathe them.

The Lemon Balm

The Mighty Lemon Balm

The neighbors wander by the house, hoping for one of these:

This drink has made us famous in the neighborhood. It is absolutely worth making a trip to your local gardening store to purchase lemon balm seeds! It’s summer in a glass.

The Lemon Balm

Fill a Mason jar with ice.

Pour in about:
1-2 shots of vodka
6 ounces lemonade

2 strawberries, quartered
7 lemon balm leaves

Lemon Balm

Warning! Lemon balm is very prolific! Plant it in a container unless you want it all over your garden.

and a sprig of mint.

Stir. Blur. Jubilate.

Also delicious with raspberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, or blueberries. Works without vodka, although not as well. Adaptable to other herbs with a slight name change: Basil Brew, Thyme Bomb, Lavender Lulu etc.

Drink responsibly, my people. Stay barefoot and within yelling distance of the children. Make sure you have a plan in place for dinner or you might forget to feed the troops. And put the car in the street before you start pouring, so the neighbors will have a straight shot up the driveway…

By the way, I’m blogging today on Four Strong Women. Their topic range from rants, laughs to all things peculiar. An opportunity to rant? I’m all over it! My title is “Summer Lovin’ is Tough,” the joys of summer motherhood. I don’t think the post is up yet, but I expect it will be soon. Let the hilarity ensue!


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