Out Of Cave Reply

I’m not really here. I’m in NYC at the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance convention. I’m surrounded by people who are smarter than I am. I’m nodding and smiling (survival mechanism), cracking the occasional well-timed joke (camouflage) and stretching my brain (masochism). I’ve been a long time out of academia and I don’t really have a twisty, philosophical literary criticism brain, but I do love to learn.

There are some great topics on the schedule. I’m particularly looking forward to the “Love. Power. Justice?” talks and “Queering the Romantic Heroine: Where Her Power Lies.” I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll report back this summer with interesting tidbits. I’m also thrilled to spend the first part of the week with a dear friend. We spent a few years wilding together in Nashville and I have a particularly fond memory of walking from my apartment to her house one night. I think one of us was actually carrying an open bottle of wine. I don’t remember if either one of us had a glass.

After the IASPR conference, I’ll head to the Times Square Marriott for the Romance Writers of America conference for the rest of the week. (Are any of you mothers out there getting this? Kid free for a week. Whoa.) I am at this very moment trying to figure out how to cram all my crap into a rolling garment bag and one carry on. I’ve been shopping for months (even though it won’t matter what I’m wearing) because that’s what I do to get my head in the right place to embrace being an author person. In my head, author people don’t wear pajama pants and fleecies in public. They wear stuff that looks like this:

Burlesque Party

And you can bet I've got a hot beaded choker, a garter belt and heels too!

at the Passionate Ink party. I hope lots of other erotic romance authors are rocking corsets that night too. Corsets love company!

I’m also looking forward to attending the author breakfast hosted by Samhain Publishing, but I think I’ll wear my demure purple dress. I had a huge fangirl moment with Jaci Burton last year, and I think I feel another squee coming on…

Corset Cookie

ALMOST too cute to eat.

My friend Sue made me some truly stellar cookies to give away to special fans. So I’m going to play cookie fairy, too! Naturally, I’ll have my Romance Trading Cards, so if you are also attending the conference, I hope you’ll come find me. I have a zillion of those suckers burning a hole in my luggage.

I plan to come home with tons of swag to give away during the Fourth of July Blog Hop. More about that next week! XOXOXOX!


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