Addicted To Harmless Blog Party

Happy Monday, everyone!

You know what? I know I should be cutthroat, or at least thrifty, but I think everyone who wanted my Romance Trading Cards enough to say so last week should have them! Shoot me an e-mail (Miranda at mirandabaker dot com) with your address and I will mail them to you. Because I want you to be happy too. 😀

Do you want to party with Melissa Schroeder and me this week? Meet us here:


Melissa really knows how to throw a party. There are more giveaways on that blog this week than I can wrap my head around. My party contribution is a Gift Card to Samhain, but as far as I can tell, she’s giving away e-readers, people. I feel cheap! However, she is an internationally bestselling author who has published fifteen times as many books as I have…

Can I tell you a secret? My alter ego finished her book last night. That means two things: Now I can finish Crystal’s story and the other super-secret story that has been setting my head on fire AND I’m ready to party. Hope to see you at the Addicted to Harmless Party! XOXOXOX!

One comment

  1. You are TOO sweet, Miranda! Thank you so much for making us all super happy! And happy dancing on your alter-ego’s finished story! Write and party on!! 🙂

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