An Homage To My Favorite Sex Toy

Congratulations to Cathy! She made a new “friend” on The Forbidden Bookshelf last week. I can only imagine her delight when her shiny blue vibrating egg appears at her door! I’m sad I forgot to order the batteries (not included) to arrive with it, but I warned her. She’ll have a few days to procure them herself.

For those of you cursing in disappointment, here is the consolation prize. You can buy a friend of your own! And I think you should. In my opinion, every woman should have one of these bad boys. As much as I would love to be a 24/7 sexpot, always juicy and ready to go, I just don’t roll that way. Reading an erotic romance is my favorite way to get in the mood, but unfortunately sometimes even that doesn’t do the trick.

Now, some of you already know my husband is nearly perfect. He cooks, he cleans, and he’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys. In fact, he just whipped up a chicken pesto pasta dish for me, then took off out into the rain to gas up my van. He’s also good-looking enough that his poker girlfriend has him programmed into her cell phone as “Baldwin.” His only flaw is that he’s hot for me every minute of the day, and that’s not really a flaw, is it? I’d be crushed if he wasn’t attracted to me. Crushed! Desolate! But…

What’s a girl to do when her husband really, truly, honestly deserves to get his cock’s heart’s desire, but she’s too tired, distracted or cranky to get in the mood and the book she’s reading isn’t doing it for her? She says, “Honey, I want to have sex with you but I’m going to need a jump start from my friend.”

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Spank bank! Endorphins all around! Happy husband!

Everyone wins.

It’s good to have a friend! And before you ask, I’ll introduce you to my friend but I won’t share my husband. Maybe. šŸ˜‰



  1. LOL! So what you’re saying is that your favourite [spelled that was b/c I’m Canadian ;)] sex toy is your husband? LOL!

    Am I biased since I’ve had your husband’s eggs?

    More than halfway through Soloplay and am happy to report I’ve needed no eggs! But I SHALL keep one in mind for the future…

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