Top Ten Things I Learned While Editing SoloPlay


Read an excerpt here!

Woot! SoloPlay comes out tomorrow! An April release is just one more reason to love spring this year. Since I spent Easter visiting my family, I had the long drive home to ponder my post this week. As many of you already know, SoloPlay is special to me. It was my first finished manuscript and it inspired the rest of the series. It took years (not kidding) of work to make it into what I meant it to be in the first place, and I learned a ton during the process. Here are the first ten things that occurred to me as I was driving home thinking about my love for SoloPlay, in no particular order and scrawled on a granola bar box while traveling sixty-five miles per hour on the highway.

10. I’m not the only writer who fantasizes about Daniel Craig. Tiffany Reisz pictured him as the hero of her kick-ass BDSM novella Seven Day Loan.

9. The sexual position in Chapter Ten is physically possible.

8. A great editor can make all the difference.

7. There really are professional sex toy reviewers.

6. Dreams can come true if you work obsessively, pay attention and get lucky.

5. Grammatically correct commas aren’t always necessary. (Okay, I learned that during Bottoms Up, but, um, the lesson didn’t stick.)

4. Writing a good bad sex scene is more difficult than writing at good good sex scene.

3. Condoms can’t be assumed. You have to write them in every time!

2. It’s nearly impossible to find a 1500 word PG excerpt for a sex toy story. (See number 8.)

1. And the most important thing I learned while working on SoloPlay is how to pay attention to my story. That is what I will take with me as I revise the next story, Crystal’s story. Yes, I’m writing the damn thing but since I’m pulling it out of the labyrinth of my head, I don’t necessarily know how best to proceed or even how to find the end. My subconscious is in charge while I’m writing, but if I keep my eyes open, maybe I’ll find my way through the maze instead of knocking down walls, re-building them, knocking down other walls. Some might say I should plot first, but I’m a character-driven girl. I’ll let you know if that plotting thing ever works out for me…

So I’ll be popping a cork tomorrow to celebrate the story that started them all for me. I’ll also be blogging on the LASR Whipped Cream site, talking about Seasonal Tension, what else? Visit the site in April and leave a comment for the chance to win a Kindle, Nook or $150 gift card! Thanks for stopping in to celebrate with me today and sharing my big hurray for SoloPlay! 😀

Visit me here on Tuesday for the chance to win!


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