Anticipating Spring

It’s been a darn cold winter in Western New York. On the plus side, there has been plenty of snow for the kids but my feet have been frozen for months. I’m looking forward to spring. I want to smell damp earth, not ice, in the air. I want daffodils, mud puddles, my birth month, SoloPlay’s release date. Spring means my husband will plant his heirloom seeds in the basement (not a euphemism) and will perhaps be a little less stir crazy, a huge relief to the whole family.

Spring is on its way. To me, that’s almost as good as its arrival. (Almost, I said almost!) I am crazy with anticipation, breathless with waiting. I’m flirting with spring, and it’s a sure thing. Why rush? Every snowflake that chills my cold soul now will create more longing for the coming sun.

Which season is your favorite? And what makes you love it?

(P.S. Yes, you may have seen this post on the Samhain blog… forgive me. It didn’t have very long in the sun and I wanted it for my own.)




  1. Mine is actually fall. I live in Texas and our seasons are whacked. Our winter this year has been snowy, icing and cold. When Spring comes it will only last for a about two weeks and then be brutually hot until October. That is why I love Fall. When Fall comes in Texas, its not hot anymore. I love the fall smells, the leaves changing and football. Most people don’t like Fall but trust me, if you lived in Texas you would. Its cooler!

    1. Fall is my second favorite, but it is a more self-reflective melancholy kind of love. You know I don’t do resolutions, but when leaves are crunching underfoot and the kids are going back to school it’s hard not to plan a little renewal of my own. At the moment, I am sitting at my computer craving Texas heat. I’ll hold on to that thought today – lots of ice outside!

  2. Summer! Give me sunshine, kids playing outside all day, margaritas on the deck, grilling dinner and flip flops, and I am a happy gal!

  3. Fall! I LOVE the beautiful changing of the leaves and the GORGEOUS reds, oranges and yellows that the leaves turn to. I love a cool Sunday afternoon full of cooking and baking while football plays on the TV. I’ve always loved the way a Fall day can still be sunny but also cool enough to allow you to cuddle on the couch.

    That being said – in Ontario – this has been the longest winter I have ever experienced. I am CRAVING summer. My children want to run, swim and play. I want to feel the sun on my face.

    Please, Mr. Winter, be done now.

  4. Summer, summer, summer, especially around here. Western New York is gorgeous in the summer and we wring every possible second out of it.

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