SoloPlay Has A Cover

It's alive! It's alive!

And I totally love it. I created the world of Come Again. It’s real to me but somehow the cover makes it come alive. SoloPlay will be released April 26th and as soon as the blurb appears on the Samhain Publishing website, I’ll post it here too, I promise.

My covers keep me up at night. I get really excited about the idea that a professional artist is going to create a visual interpretation of my story. And then I can’t sleep. What if I hate it? My brain starts buzzing and it’s another white night for me. Thank goodness the antidote for insomnia is lying next to me. (No, not the dog. Pervert.)

I love everything about this cover, especially her boobs. Yup, I said it. Great rack, huh? I also love her pensive body language and the way she appears to be watching someone arrive… or watching them go. Poignant, hmm?

So what do you think? Anybody want to go out on a limb and guess what the story is about based on the cover? I’ll give you a hint… you can’t go wrong with batteries.



  1. Miranda, I love the cover!! There could be so many things happening just by looking at the cover…what is she watching or maybe…..someone is watching HER and she’s not quite sure she wants in on whatever they’re planning for her! *wink*

  2. I’m wondering where her hand is. Not sure if that’s the computer screen’s fault or the intention. If the intention is to make it look like she’s playing….solo…well, then!

    Congrats on the cover! It’s barely two months away! Can’t wait!

  3. I thought only my husband had this picture of me!, how’d you get it? *giggles* And yes, the boobs are real, and yes, my hand is exactly where you think it is 😉

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