SoloPlay is on the Way

I would like to thank those of you who commented for playing my Cupid’s games because I had total fun. And the winner of the tingly clit cream is… Fedora! Yay!

Now, it was a completely random drawing assisted by my seven-year-old (don’t worry – i didn’t let her read the comments) but I think Fate intervened. I mean, c’mon, Fedora has never set foot in a porn shop, and I’m bringing the porn shop to her! How perfect is that?

So, Fedora, please shoot an email to with your address, and I’ll pop your tingly clit cream in the mail. Priority!

If you like to play games and want a chance to win Bottoms Up, hop on over to Tonya’s Tales. She asked me some tricky little interview questions and got me to give up the goods on my stories… and then she talked me into giving away a copy of my book too. I’m glad she didn’t ask for my first born. She’s persuasive.

Oh! *clapping hands* I have more good news! I got my SoloPlay revisions back from my editor and she said they were “phenomenal.” I’m going to say it again – phenomenal. One more time, now you. Phenomenal. That story has been a monkey on my back for years. It was my first finished manuscript. The genesis story for Come Again. And it was flawed, okay? You know what you are supposed to do with the first mangled waffle out of the iron, right? Get rid of it. Pitch it! Eat it. Destroy the evidence.

But I couldn’t do that. I revised it. Again. And again. Again. And… you get it. I like to learn from my mistakes. I love a challenge. A deadline. A Kobi Oshi Maru. (Borrowed that from my husband, but you Trekkies love me more now, don’t you?) Anyway, my genius Samhain editor pushed me until I delivered SoloPlay as it was meant to be.



I hope you’ll chime in with personal triumphs this week so I can celebrate you too. Tell me something good…



  1. The day an editor tells me my revisions are phenomenal is the day we’re meeting for drinks in the middle of the afternoon! How absolutely awesome. I would say I knew you could do it, but that’s cliche, right? (But I did.)

  2. Wow! Will be e-mailing 😀

    And congrats–that IS fantastic news!!! How exciting that you’ve transformed that first story into the one it was always meant to be! 🙂 We readers rejoice!

    Hmm… personal triumphs? Still working on that, but the week is still young…

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