How Do You 69 Your Life?

There are some pleasures I like to combine and some that are best savored separately. For example, I love to watch a movie I’ve already seen while reading a great new book and eating pizza. I also like to watch TV while flipping through a book I’ve already read. However, I’d never watch a new-to-me movie while getting a back rub. Too much goodness. Running while listening to music? Yes. Running while watching TV? No.

But that’s just me.

In this high-tech world multi-tasking is almost an imperative. There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done without thinking creatively – but I’m the first to admit I’m a linear thinker. Multi-tasking is something I do out of necessity. If I have more than two things on the stove, I have to set a timer for whatever is in the oven. (I swear having that third child zapped my ability to do more than two things at a time.)

So how do you do it?
Business: Got any tips for how to get it all going on at the same time?
Pleasure: What are your favorite recreation combinations?

I told you mine…



  1. I have a sewing business on the side of my full-time (absolutely nothing to do with sewing) job. So, I do everything in bulk. If I need to make three totes by the end of the week, I cut all of the material one day, sew the next day, and do the finishing or custom touches the last day.

    Recreation: Hmm…I think I can watch Dora the Explorer and play in the kids’ plastic kitchen at the same time. Maybe when the kids are older, I’ll have naughtier recreation multi-tasking (like shower sex. Washing and sex at the same time!)

    1. The thought of doing laundry with a man attached just cracked me up!
      I like your bulk approach. Does that mean you have sex three times on Sunday and get the job done for the week? šŸ˜‰

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