Seek Inspiration

For every story I write, there is a single moment of inspiration that sparks my imagination.

SoloPlay, Book Two of the Come Again series, was inspired by a trip to Toronto. I was in serious Mommy Mode at the time. In fact, I was still nursing so I remember having to dash back to the hotel room to pump my breasts (ugh). I never would have gone, but I won the trip in a recipe contest – two days at a great hotel with a free dinner and concierge-level service – and my husband insisted I go. He stayed home with the kids while my breast pump and I went merrily off to Toronto with a girl friend. I know, that guy is one in a BAZILLION.

On the first night, my friend and I were wandering down Queen Street looking at jewelry and we ducked into a sex shop. There were candies, and buttons, flavored everything from condoms to underwear – the usual bachelorette amusements. It wasn’t anything like Come Again, but I was struck by a conversation taking place at the register – a frank discussion of sexual lubricants. Me being me, I got in line because, damn it, nursing had sucked all the juice out of my body, and I was dry, man, dry. Sex was painful, like good thing we don’t keep an ice pick under the bed painful. If there was a lubricant that could ease the way for my princely husband, I was going to buy a gallon.

When I reached the front of the line, the shop girl holding court was just as forthcoming with me – and she was captivating. I remember her wide-open friendly smile, her gold eye shadow and her enthusiasm for the subject of sex. My kind of girl.

My SoloPlay Notes

My SoloPlay Notes

I went back to the hotel and started scribbling ideas on every scrap of paper I could find in the room. SoloPlay was born that day. So were Crystal and Alisa, inspired by a hot salesgirl who sold me a tiny bottle of Gun Oil that did, indeed, ease the way. I came home inspired. The sights, foods and experiences of a new city – and more solid sleep than I’d had in years – gave me energy and purpose. A trip I was almost too busy and too tired to take gave me a new career, and I never forgot the lesson. It’s written on my wall now.

Seek Inspiration.
I found mine in a sex shop in Canada.
Where do you find yours?



  1. You got it, folks – Mel got to watch the breast pumping, eeeeee urrrrrr eeeeee urrrrr! Just kidding, she politely averted her gaze. Boring! The Vietnamese restaurant was far more memorable.

  2. Vietnamese restaurants are often more memorable than most things. At least a good one. Anyway, I love this story. Was there a moment for Bottoms Up? Oh, wait… maybe you can come on my blog and tell it. 🙂

    1. There’s a line in Book Three that created Destiny. “Half starving puppy, half Hells Angel.” Bam! There she was, sitting in the bar with her feet up. You name the day – I’ll blog yer blog…

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