Bottoms Up Tomorrow, Everybody!

Trumpets blaring, angels singing and holy cows – it’s almost here. My first ever release comes out tomorrow! Despite my unfortunate propensity to find the cloud in every silver lining and my inability to live in the moment, I am determined to enjoy every minute of my last pre-published day. Right here, with this glass of champagne.


Barefoot Bubbly with Pomegranate Seeds

I hope you have enjoyed the past month of aphrodisiac recipes as much as I have. *snortle* Today’s celebratory beverage also has some sexy properties. Alcohol is widely known for lowering inhibitions and loosening tongues and well, lots of other things, too. Careful, though – one glass is sexy, too much more than that might make you sleepy. Can’t have that! In addition to being pretty, pomegranate has long been regaled as a female fertility symbol and is considered to be the sacred fruit of Aphrodite. Ah ha ha – it’s full of seeds! Get it?

Yes, aphrodisiacs foods are great fun. As a chef, I have a special fondness for them. I think it’s neat that hot peppers have actual physical effects. They get you hot and sweaty, mimicking the effects of lovemaking. Other foods, like chocolate, cilantro and honey, have physiological effects. They are reported to tinker with your body chemistry in ways that get you in the mood for love. Some food just looks sexy – think fresh figs, asparagus… cucumber! Those foods are sexy by association. They stimulate the imagination, and they do say that the brain is the most important sex organ.

If you’ve read my bio on my website, you know why I read and write erotic romance. It’s my own personal aphrodisiac. I love to pick up a hot book and use it as a springboard for my own libido. My husband also loves it – woohoo! And I hope you do, too. In fact, I hope you read Bottoms Up tomorrow, get totally hot and then have spectacular sex all night.

That’s why they call it Release Day, right?

P.S. If you just can’t get enough of me, I’m blogging all over Hell’s half-acre this week. More peeing into the wind… and that’s not even my kink! I’d absolutely love it if you popped in to leave a comment. I’m in rare form this week!

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12/28 – The Samhain Publishing Weblog

12/31 – Naughty in The Backseat and Shy Writers (both true, I swear!)



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