Blogging Around Town

Hello, friends!

Don’t worry, it’s not Monday! It’s just that I’m going to be blogging on a few different sites over the next few weeks promoting Bottoms Up, and I beg you to come visit me and leave a comment. Oh, I know it’s pathetic but internet promotion feels like peeing into the wind, and I’m a girl – so that’s saying something, huh?

Today I’m on Delilah Devlin’s site.  ( Scroll down a little, she’s running a contest.) There’s an excerpt! A foodie one! Well, sort of…

Thanks, people!





    1. Hell, yeah! That would be great! A girl-to-girl perv chat might be fun for your readers. I bet you could come up with some real doozy questions. Let me know what you’d like me to do. Thanks, Lady!

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