Monday Morning Miranda

Everything I’ve been reading lately urges me to blog consistently – every day, every week, every whatever. Fine. I pick Mondays!

Some people dread them, but I feel Monday is a very optimistic day. It’s the first day of a new week, a good time to take a deep breath before the onslaught, a great day to spend a few moments getting ready for the rest of it.

However, consistency ain’t really the way I roll. I’m a woman of sudden inspiration and instant gratification. Obsessive? Yes. Disciplined – not so much. This is going to be a challenge for me, but I’m all fired up because BOTTOMS UP releases on December 28th. In the story, Johnny whips up a nice little dinner for Destiny before he does a number of deliciously deviant things to her. A common thread in all my works is food, not so surprising since my husband and I met in culinary school. Food is one of my kinks, I guess, but not in a sticky way. I just like a guy who can handle himself in the bedroom AND the kitchen. (And the living room, shower and garage – but I digress.)

Since Johnny can cook and BOTTOMS UP is a BDSM love story, I’ve chosen “WHIP ME, BEAT ME… FEED ME!” as my blog theme for December. Tune in on Monday morning for the first installment. I’ll share my recipe for an aphrodisiac hot chocolate that will truly make you sweat, and I hope you’ll share stories of memorable food and love combos – hot, cold, sticky or otherwise.

See you Monday!


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