I’m Going To Have A Series!

Available December 28th From Samhain Publishing

Oh, the mountains and molehills! Way, way back many centuries and at least two children ago, I started writing erotic romance novellas because I loved my husband and having kids had sucked all the good sex out of our lives. I dreamed up this little sex shop called “Come Again” (ha, ha, right?) and created people to work there and customers to shop there. First I wrote about a Van Halen librarian (you know what I mean- the glasses come off, the hair comes down…) who moonlighted testing sex toys. Next I wrote about the freaky-yet-hot psychic with whom she had an affair. Next up? The lesbian submissive owner of Come Again who is still in love with her childhood sweetheart – now a famous movie star. Last, but not least, I wrote Destiny’s story “Bottoms Up” and by God, I sold that one to Samhain Publishing. And I just sold the librarian story, too.

“Bottoms Up” will be released by Samhain Publishing on December 28th and “SoloPlay” will hopefully follow it in April. A series. Holy shit, I actually have a series! Unfortunately, I have to be careful who I tell. Not everyone approves of BDSM, bisexuality and vibrating, well, everything. But I can tell you, because you’re here. And that means you understand. I’m going to have a series!


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